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    - short version -

    Extreme metal band Watch My Dying was founded in 1999 in Esztergom, Hungary. Their music built on the roots of groove/death/thrash metal, with some industrial elements. Their main target was touring constantly, supported by spectacular live performances, including muppets, dancers, stage customes, roll-ups and backdrops. Their ambition resulted a band which can attract attention of all metal fan.

    Biggest efforts:
    - 8 self produced release: Rendszerhiba EP (2000), Húsmágnes EP (2002), Fleshmagnet EP (2003), Klausztrofónia LP (2004), Claustrophony split EP (2005), Fényérzékeny LP (2006), Moebius (2009), -1 EP (2009)
    - constant touring (all over Hungary, Slovakia, Serbia, Romania, Austria, Germany, England, Czech Republic, Poland), cca 40 shows in a year, in various places, like small clubs in villages, huge venues or big festivals (Sziget, Hegyalja, Metal Mania)
    - club/festival shows with Meshuggah, Dew-Scented, DevilDriver, Carnifex, Fear Factory, Stampin’ Ground, Opeth, Cradle Of Filth, The Haunted, Katatonia, Apocalyptica, Primordial, Moonspell, The Ocean, Himsa, 3 Inches Of Blood, S-Core, Testament, My Dying Bride, Korpiklaani, Deicide, Ill Nino, Cadaveres, Ektomorf, CasketGarden,
    - Fényérzékeny (2006) album was recorded in Audioplanet, Hungary, mixing and mastering by Jocke Skog in Fear And Loathing Studios, Sweden
    - 7 videos (Idomtalan, Nich vor dem Kind, Fenyérzékeny, Sztereotip, Hattyúdal, Moebius, Túladagolt idő)
    - 9 Stagediving Festivals (organized and headlined by Watch My Dying: 2005 november, 2006 April, November, 2007 May, 2008 February, 2009 January, September, 2010 October, 2012 January) in Budapest , last one visited by 1200 fan
    - 4 WMD-Days (2 days metal camp, organized by the band in 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009)
    - 2008 May: WMD was requested to be involved in the MTV Icon, Tankcsapda cover show with two songs (Tankcsapda is the biggest rock band in Hungary), in August the songs played in front of six thousand people at Siófok’s beach
    - Moebius, The Movie, their homemade 50 minutes movie about the recording of Moebius album

    Veres Gábor - vocal
    Eszenyi Imre - bass
    Garcia Dávid - drums
    Bori Sándor - guitars
    Szabó Viktor - guitars


    Peter Kovacs - Powerground Management / / / E-mail: Ph: 0036-209-625-429

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