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    Aebsence - metal band with modern folk touch
    Audioplanet Studio - Studio of Jaya Hari das, recording sessions of Fényérzékeny
    Bluegrape - modern bands merch
    Cadaveres - Hungary’s finest crossover band
    CasketGarden - Tompa’s local heros!
    CasketGarden - Tompa’s local heros!
    Clawfinger - Jocke zenekara.
    Dew-Scented - Germany’s finest thrash band - with impact!
    Dim Vision - Up n coming death/thrash from Debrecen
    FRL - gay punk rock metal mayhem from Szexárd
    Insane - Great modern metal band from the hills
    Lovarda - great venue aus Debrecen
    Megazetor - Tribute to Chuck Schuldiner
    Meshuggah - Swedish metal gods.
    Opeth - we played together - Mike said: WMD is a really great band!
    Remorse - the best Hu thrash band - vibe of Exodus, Death Angel and Testament
    Stampin’ Ground - we played together:)
    Strapping Young Lad - the future of metal
    Subscribe - Sanity Has Left The Bulding
    Superbutt - Hungarian modern rock band
    Tankcsapda - the leading rock band of Hungary
    The Haunted - thrash gods
    Trafó Club Gödöllő - local club
    Wackor - up ’n coming band from Velence
    WMD Myspace site -
    Magazinok, webzine-ek - Infernal Combustion
    Fémforgács Metal Site - Hungarian Metal webzine - Hungarian metal news portal
    Metal.on - death / black metal fanzine
    Passzio Interactive Rock Club - Hungarian Rock ’zine
    Shock! magazine - Hungarian webzine
    Stringed.Mass - a new Hungarian metal webzine
    Torzo Webzine - Online Cultural Magazine - underground ’zine
    Unisilent Art - - Hungarian rock/metal webzine - Rock Hard on the web - cool American webzine
    Century Media Records - Leffe’s label:) (Home of Haunted, Tiamat, Dtranquillity, etc
    Earache Records - UK’s oldest extrem label
    Nuclear Blast Records - the biggest independent label
    Klubok, helyszínek
    BPRNR - Hungarian promoter
    Concerto Music - local promoter
    Negative Art Prod - local promoter
    EMP - fantastic clothes
    Kfkindustries - Kerry’s shop, you know the King
    Metal Marchant - super clothes
    Toxic Merch - underground merch a
    Fear And Loathing Studios - Fényérzékeny mixed and mastered here!
    HR Giger - THE MASTER
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