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    Fényérzékeny out now

    Flesh - 10. November 2006 22:10

    First half of 2006 was spent with writing, composing the new material so there were just a few, but really good shows. Watch My Dying recorded their second full length release in Audioplanet Studio Hungary from July until September. Mixing and mastering was done by Jocke Skog in Fear And Loathing Studios, Sweden in September, October. At the end Fényérzékeny got released at november 10.

    The new album is more straightforward than the previous one, but there are plenty of new, exciting ideas. The title track, Fényérzékeny - it seems - will be the biggest hit of the band, so the new video will be shoot to this track. Háttal Álmodó is a wonderful, acoustic ballad with Gaobr’s bride’s vocal. Elsőbbségi and 9 Kapu are the most complex WMD songs ever.
    Media response was surprisingly great so far, and the packed concerts showed, that a bunch of new kids started to be interested at the band. The most important aspect of Fényérzékeny is the attitude. The only thing that was working in the musician’s mind throughout the writing and the recording is that it has to satisfy the band itself first and foremost.

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