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    27. July 2012 15:17


    We proudly announce that Watch My Dying will perform on 17th edition of the legendary czech extreme metal festival, Brutal Assault, in Fortress Jozefov. Tovább »

    4. April 2010 01:19

    Tribalmetalcore band Cadaveres and math metal band Watch My Dying united to hit the road in April/May. They will play in cities like Berlin, London, Wolfsburg or Arad. Paprika Rocks! tour is a long awaited trip from both side, because they have a lotta shows in Hungary together, so it’s time to have a good time abroad. Tovább »

    Flesh - 28. February 2010 00:40

    It looks like that we fixin the dates for our first European tour campaign. With Cadaveres (and other bands), we will reach cities like, London, Berlin, Arad, Wolfsburg, etc. You find the exact dates in the concerts menu. Tovább »

    Flesh - 6. January 2010 10:26

    We planning a tour in Europe with our fellas, Cadaveres and MWS in late April, early May. We sure about that we will clean the dirt from the ears of the European metalheads. Tovább »

    Flesh - 10. June 2007 09:08


    Actually we found a critic about Fényérzékeny at by Reini. He was very kind to us! Thank you

    Actually we planning some shows autumun in Austria, with bands like Perisihing Mankind, Lords Of Decadence.

    Summer we will have a bunch of festival shows in Hungary and over the boarder, too. Come and join us to have som good, riffing time!



    Flesh - 10. November 2006 22:10

    First half of 2006 was spent with writing, composing the new material so there were just a few, but really good shows. Watch My Dying recorded their second full length release in Audioplanet Studio Hungary from July until September. Mixing and mastering was done by Jocke Skog in Fear And Loathing Studios, Sweden in September, October. At the end Fényérzékeny got released at november 10. Tovább »

    Flesh - 25. August 2006 15:26

    Watch My Dying entered the Audiplanet Studio, Hungary at the 8th of August to record their second full length album. The mixing and the mastering will be done in Stockholm, Fear And Loathing Studio by Jocke Skog (Clawfinger, Face Down, etc) in September. more »

    9. January 2006 22:02

    Being one of the winners of ABC Talent Contest Hungarian Final,
    Watch My Dying will perform in Wien, in the Austrian Quarterfinals. The show will take place in the legendary Planet Music, on February 18. Tickets are available via band’s website. more >

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