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    i will skin whole the green bleakness o’ naked walls O fear it`s just rock`n`roll may B somethin’ more i can’t listen 2 the tv B’cause i hear other waves if a sane piece remains in me while advertisements last my lips are just like sun dried door i can’t speak it hurts me 2 smoke in my easy mornin’ standstill i just think that it`s the Perfect sunrise 2 B dissolved in the little justice which greet me they remind me of Yo’ voice in Yo’ stories when i try 2 leave myself off i know it`s hard i’m sorry 4 that U could O do it Xcuse me if U can do please take up the goddamn phone in the gapin’ )`s yawn every 1 is lost who has crosscut me since i live it`s totally unnatural if the view lets me down again may B the goddess o’ ovens screws this wide autumn i howl Yo’ name `till remember which tone i am in that picture that was painted 2 B so strange made by some strangers on surface o’ H2O i bring more ’cause the tank will B empty just like a really heavy sigh passin’ ’round ’n’ ’round in my spherical fury i tried 2 Xist other way the claustrophobic padlock didn’t yield me we waited 4 that day in vain it’s O about U don`t let it delude U O either about me i`m sorry if you let it i load the barrel ov the drunken clean silence in Yo’ cooled seat Othin’ can hurt it`s all over we will meet soon i was proud ov U september’s pages turn my eyes are closin’ down maniaco twists my ego on tuesdays.when everythin’ is wrong

    The Original Bodyform

    (1.Cover of eyelids) i can shake every grate outside i just disappear if i flee anywhere a watchman always finds me there He`s a dwarf but i`ll grow i didn`t know how i was wrong but there are naked knives in all His limbs that He hides i can keep my original body form as my punishment i didn`t like that i have B’come i`d say but can’t understand yet i just have 2 behave He said then i can get legs a W spark is all i need 2 take the 1st steps finally He raises me drives me 2 leave off that i imagine 2 see that can matter O wardrobe but the monsters
    (2.Bellin’) i can`t see 2 well since summer sun has vanished as a good father B’cause fathers are like this they go away they die they`re always missing like bread from stomach like home from the vacant empty walls


    Az Otthon nem hely.itt, Belül van.arra tartunk mindannyian. (The Home is not a place. It’s here, Inside. We are all on that way.)


    Say do U feel this heat in our sunday clothes when we dance the rooms B’come empty after us the earth drinks our sweat a fast wheel takes me it clacks like hungry clawfingers i wish it was a bad dream the door openin’ 2 over whisperin’ 2 Owhere long time ago it was chopped out from the old rough sky-reaching trunk i`d pay 1000 wrinkles 2 see U J if the angels swim even if the whole world was my homeland 2 U i would always B back i was at the stump He asked me what i’d B’come i wish He was L i broke it in with my head that was remained from He i went 4 U the rails pull me if wind’s brought U as a fallin’ leaf

    Magnetic Flesh - Attracts

    i imagined Her beautiful face with this consummate perfection o’ which O 1 can live with impunity B’cause Her squeeze is mightily strong i desired 4 Her as moth wants the candlelight and She slowly let me B fit 2 drop 1 day She embodied then pinned me on a grill

    Magnetic Flesh - Thrusts

    a piston screams bitterly the machine slowly starts i`ll endure it until the CO2 is enough behind the steerin’ wheel U drive silently i wish 4 collision the weight does me in but U know it`s O important B’cause i`ll die if U stop 2 avoid making me dead but some 1 has 2 drive get dressed then bandage k safe Yo’ face where U arrived from mask Yo’ trace k what U hide O 1 should see wear all the wounds o’ my kisses in U i think i beat myself and then i beat U in my head i leave tufts B’in’ torn on pieces of the broken door i kneel in electrip dream circuit i stretch the strings thereafter inversely Fleshmagnet attracts me steam escapes from the valve it will burn me when the ragin’ furnace comes it`s overdriven it will O B empty hotter than ever pullin’ me in a pipe the vacuum-hopper

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