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    Watch My Dying - Claustrophony split - Metal Invader ’zine (GR)

    Spyros Papadakis - 18. February 2006 13:07

    Hungarian metallers WATCH MY DYING is a new name that we should expect some really great things in the future.

    Their mix of hardcore, heavy metal, Swedish death metal, futuristic/electronic sounds, industrial elements, clean vocals and black metal growls, along with their musicianship, orchestration skills and immense sound, should please almost any fan from any of the aforementioned genres. This is talent in all its glory.

    Amazing songs with bursts of energy, brutality, melody and unexpected heaviness. Most certainly, they possess an undeniable musicianship and their far-out orchestrations would make even the "giants" of the genre jealous.

    Simply stunning and excellent sound from an up-coming band...RECOMMENDED!!!

    You can visit them and show your support at:

    Rating: XXXXX

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