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    Watch My Dying - Claustrophony split - (BE)

    Georges - 17. February 2006 12:43

    Here we have a split cd with two Hungarian acts.

    Szeg’s «Here We Go» is another very difficult one for me to review, as this is sort of modern hard rock / heavy nu metal stuff but in a more eclectic form and surely not something I usually listen to. Szeg mix different musical genres (from seventies heavy metal to a more fashionable nu metal). The vocal works alternate almost Ozzy Osbourne unbearable lines with some (few in fact) powerless death metalcore growling. Citing influences such as Metallica, Osbourne and Megadeath, this will probably be too old-fashioned for most metal heads. Watch My Dying are for my opinion a complete different story, the four songs recorded here remind me very much of Fear Factory era «Digimortal», which for many of us might not be a real recommendation. The song-structures have a similar sort of oppressive machine sound quality them and there is also the same vocal influences. Watch My Dying offer a pretty accomplished recording but one that really needs more identity.

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